Vue vs Angular vs React in 2021— Answered

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It’s time to put the big question to rest once and for all.

Vue Vs React Vs Angular



In this matter Vue and Angular win the argument. These two aim to be frameworks first and libraries second. These frameworks are defined by a clear vision and are striving to move forward with that mission.

React, however, is a library first and then a framework. Meaning, there are hundreds of thousands of developers building the library in which they feel suitable. Making it even harder to get clear documentation on what is what and to get proper updates on what has changed.

With Evan You heading the vision of Vue JS, I feel the framework had made a name for itself in the shortest time, and is already in head-to-head competition with Angular and React.

Virtual DOM

Vue, on the other hand, has been busy re-inventing the virtual DOM, making it even faster and efficient than before.


Such significant advantages when it comes to evolution and invention always keeps Vue fresh and more productive.

State Management

Angular on the other hand, needs support for external libraries such as GraphQL to implement such features.

Documentation and Community

The documentation for Vue and Angular have been ecstatic. They both offer very clear documentation and have an English-first approach. React on the other hand, with several developers working on several different features, it's a bit harder to maintain proper documentation for all of it.

Language Barriers

The developers who have picked up Vue are loving it. With its lowest learning curve and extremely thought out flexibility, Vue is the winner when it comes to the debate on which Front-End Framework is the best for 2019.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments.

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