The Inertia of LIFE — Get the ball rolling.

These days I’ve mostly stayed at home since I’ve quit my job. Wake Up, Sleep and eat whenever I felt like it. My parents tried to break me off of this habit but my persistence was victorious at the end. Now, I’m not depressed or had a fight at my workplace or did anything illegal to leave my job. I quit because I wanted to do something new. I wanted to experience LIFE. I wanted to create something of my own. To start a company perhaps, to read more books, to travel more places, to meet new people. 7 months later, I’ve read fewer books traveled fewer places and met lesser people than I did throughout the last year working a day job and setting up a company on the side.

When I look back I don’t seem to understand how these 210 days passed by, ironically how I had no memory of doing anything significant which was what I primarily set out to do. The past month has been full of failed attempts to change my circumstances, devoid of any motivation to set things in motion. I attended events but struggled to socialize, started tasks but abandoned them mid-way, initiated projects but gave up before executing them and so on.

However, it was not always like this. Looking back to last year when I was working at a startup full time while managing to help set up another startup which in of itself was about helping new startups grow and get into the market quickly. ( Website ). I did this all the while learning new stuff, writing blogs and having one hell of a time.

So What Changed?

My Approach. This I believe is what made all the difference. Right after I quit my job, I sat down, made of note of all the books I wanted to read, all the places I wanted to visit, all the different things I wanted to experiment with, all the cool concepts I wanted to bring to life. The list went on and on for 7 full pages. Then, I waited.

Since now I did not have my day job, I had this huge reservoir of time left in my day, I had no rush to get things done, hence I took my time. I waited to put things in motion, during my wait, I picked up some web series, movies, and sleep habits which defined my next 3 and a half to 4 months. I did not get much accomplished, in fact, I deviated further from it. Each day it became harder and harder to put down these habits and begin working on the things that mattered. As each day passed by I grew more and more addicted and attached to this languid lifestyle of just existing with no purpose and no rules.

It sounds too magical and perfect from an outsider’s perspective to just eat, sleep and watch your favorite shows all day with no restrictions but its not. Eventually, you get used to the pattern of ups and downs and thrills TV shows usually have to offer and you slowly become insensitive of them. You no longer feel the absolute thrill or suspense or joy you feel whilst watching a show.

Essentially, in a nutshell, for the past 7 months by putting aside work, by divulging into full-time entertainment and extreme lack of any social activity, I’ve built up Inertia.

Once you build up inertia to do something, it gets 10x more difficult to do it. You can easily push forward a huge ball if its already in momentum, the slower the ball is the harder it gets to push it forward. Once, it comes into a complete halt, it requires tremendous amounts of effort to get it rolling again.

Inertia works both ways, last year I kept the ball rolling by taking in new projects and taking part in new things which made it super easy to start something new or take difficult decisions and getting things done. At that point, my inertia towards laying back and relaxing was high so I focussed primarily on work. But once I stopped the balance shifted from a work-based approach to a laid back approach and that ball started moving gained momentum and rolled away 210 days of my life.

After tireless efforts for the past 2 months to lower my inertia towards work, I’ve slowly begun taking up smaller tasks and completing them to gain that momentum. It could be far long before I catch up to my earlier speed and get things done at that pace, but each completed task is a step towards that.

Note: I dramatized a few sections of the blog to make it more interesting. I did not actually waste 7 months. 😅

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